A Lookback at 2021

A few words...

This year has been a wonderous year, full of growth and learnings for the team here at Conspicuous. As much as Covid-19 has disrupted our lives and upturned what used to be the norm. Words can't even begin to describe what we have achieved in a span of one year, the like-minded group of individuals and collaborators we have had the fortune of befriending, the motivators, the support we received from strict Asian parents behind the two kids that dared to dream, your constant feedback about our products so we do better, the amazing curation of products we have brought to life on Conspicuous. 2021 has been full of up and downs, rollercoaster of emotions and whirlwinds but we could not have enjoyed it more.

This article, in a way is to thank everyone who is reading and here with us right now, for your support and encouragement since we started our little magical shop on 15 December 2020. Friends that are dear to me would know that Conspicuous started in the midst of the unfortunate passing of my grandma, and there were many times due to the constraint of logistical knowledge, supply chain issues and buried emotions, I wanted to give up starting Conspicuous. It is not without the strong support of a group of close friends, my dearest partner and co-founder, Shirree, and maybe even my dearly departed grandmother that Conspicuous is at where we are today.

I did not intend this article to get too long, rather to thank everyone sincerely from the bottom of my heart (you all know who you are - our strong supporters & advocates, followers for sharing and liking and following our brand) and so I have created a summarized timeline of our year below to share our mini milestones of 2021.

Conspicuous 2021 lookback

Another mini milestone, we have our very own video production. Below is a video by Shirree also the director and videographer behind this little video I posted on our YouTube channel and on our Instagram page here.


To thank you for your support, we have extended a 15% sitewide sale that ends 31 December, check out more partner discounts below!

Thank you for making our year extra special.
With love & gratitude, Chestie from Conspicuous