Welcoming our newest Conspicuous Partner, Caroline!

The partner came on board with a vision to rebirth the brand into its true potential. Her love for beeswax candles has been part of her pursuit of wellbeing as they elevate mood and boost energy. Being the cleanest, brightest and longest burning wax, it is a great candle alternative for people with allergies, asthma, sinuses and other sensitivities.

She believes in the magical air purifying benefits of burning beeswax candles as it emits negative ions which bind floating particles in the air and drop them to the ground. Whilst styling her own home, she discovered that candles and scents are quintessential soft touches to enliven any space. She believes beeswax candles are under-appreciated for their vast benefits and is passionate to spread the good word through workshops, collaborations and campaigns.

Conspicuous welcomes Caroline to the team!