Stupa Stick incense
Stupa Stick incense
Stupa Stick incense

Stupa Stick incense

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Stupa incense from Nepal

Handmade incense has been used for hundred of years in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and deeply rooted in Tibetan culture. When burned, Tibetan incense produces a rich, earthy and pure aroma that can help soothe a restless mind.

Stupa incense from Nepal brings this series if incense sticks, using authentic Himalayan herbal raw materials, hand made in a traditional way. Suitable for daily use to purify the environment and as meditation and relaxation aid to relieve depression, stress and anxiety. Create a beautiful space by burning these organic incense sticks and ,et the scent fill your environment and soothe your soul.

*Himalayan Cedar is made with a sandalwood based spiced blend. The sweet and fragrant woody fragrance is intoxicating and can giving people a sense of calm.

*Myrrh has a warm and mellow oriental tone, with a smoky, mysterious and sensual scent.

*Nag Champa made with a multi spice blend of sandalwood, magnolia and frangipani. Miley sweet, musky and exotic.

*Na Swa has a unique aroma, slightly spicy in the warm woody notes. Relieve stress, soothes the mind for relaxation.

Each box comes with 15 incense sticks, and a clay incense stick holder.