A lookback at 2022

This year was a year filled with tremendous growth for the brand, one of the major changes we have had was to have Caroline join us this year. She is a brilliant lady with experience in the journalism field and an eye for all things aesthetics. Together with Shirree and I, we will work toward a major rebranding in 2023, which we are very much looking forward towards. As the brand grows, the very fundamental vision of who we are as a brand starts to mature and our promise of 'Zero Waste' remains very much a part of who we are. Hence, another huge change this year was the shift from Classic 1.0 to Classic 2.0 Candles and to refocus our efforts on research and development to consistently improve our products.

The commitment to removing plastics waste, to more sustainable materials to always reusing plastic (or even cardboard) materials in our packaging to shipping has not changed and is very much anchored in our core values. A big shout out here to our regulars for letting us know you appreciate our efforts be it via instagram comments or via text or in person, this means the world to us and we are so glad you are a part of CONSPICUOUS!

2023 will be a very exciting year ahead and we can't wait for you guys to share the excitement with us!

-Chestie, Founder of Conspicuous